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Eamon delivers thoughtful, practical, and actionable ideas, strategies, and tactics to solve 21st century complex business problems. His performance at corporate conferences, leadership summits, or at intimate Board meetings cut to the core of how to improve corporate performance, sustainability, and ensure longevity. His researched based presentations deliver profound insights, incisive analysis, and enlightened common sense that resonate long after the event ends. Attendees leave the event with a precise plan to apply new ideas, strategies and tactics to solve 21st century multifaceted business problems once back at work.


Eamon speaks on:


Corporate Collapse: How Corporations Choose to Fail or Succeed

The Transformational Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century: Building a Post bureaucratic Company in an era of relentless change where our assumptions and cherished beliefs are overturned with regularity.

Reach For the Sky: What we can learn from the construction of The Empire State Building about Vision, Strategy, Human Resources and Operations and apply these lessons to modern day business.




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