The 21st Century's Challenge:

Radical Change

This century is experiencing a global political, social, and economic tectonic shift. It is rearranging, transforming the world, as you knew it. Change drivers are moving at a blistering speed, radically overhauling your organization's external environment. Change is toppling our most sacred assumptions creating a level of instability without precedence.

We are at the dawn of a new era where the past is no guide to the future. Leaders driven by radical, discontinuous change are compelled to rethink the vision they have for their organization. The challenge is to replace an old with a new coherent and energizing vision of the future. Coerced by change in the external environment, CEOs must seize the opportunities driven by change and transform their organizations.

Leaders must lead change, not just manage it. They must pry the people from their comfortable status quo. Help them confront a new reality, shatter their sense of stability, and toss out the old success metrics. It is insufficient to make mere evolutionary adjustments to your vision and goals. Leaders must be champions of radical transformational change.


We at Hoey Associates are advocates of change. Our task is to assist leaders define and achieve the ambitious aspirations they have for their organization. It involves organizational structure, operations, change management, and leadership.

Most often, it means altering the organization's culture, perceptions, expectations, and people's performance, while ensuring their focus is on achieving the desired organizational outcomes. It is about liberating your organization from the past and overcoming the obstacles to change. None of this is easy. That is the challenge of being a Champion of Change in this decade of the 21st Century.


We look for difficult, unusual, challenging problems to solve; engagements that require insight, extensive experience, a high degree of expertise, and special care and attention. Our solutions to your most critical problems are grounded in the insights we bring to each engagement, our thought leadership and knowledge advantage, as well as our entrepreneurship and ability to innovate. Decades of experience and functional expertise add to our capability to respond to your organization's most critical issues.


Our firm's principals work collegially with your organization's leadership team to harness the opportunities created by change, the organization's unique resources and the dynamics of its industry. Our approach is rigorous, data driven. Our solutions are creative, designed to secure sustainable leading edge outcomes, unconstrained by prevailing thinking. In sum, we assist leaders live the energetic, bold ambitions they have for their organizations.


It is a privilege to be called upon to assist clients in their most sensitive and critical matters: their strategic plan, corporate transformation, alignment of the organization's culture, organizational structure, and change leadership.


We serve mid-size, Fortune 1000 and FP 500 companies. We also perform engagements for well-funded start-ups.