Seven Beacons of Strategy Development

Headlines remind us every day we are in a new era. “The Big Shift” is creating extraordinary change in our social, political, economic, and commercial life. It is upending the world order as we knew it. This era of astonishing change is causing markets, products, and services to become obsolete. At the same time, it…
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Which Competitive Strategy?

The task of crafting and executing strategy is a core leadership function. It is the starting point to maximize opportunities created by change and transform your organization. A firm’s strategy is the leadership’s game plan for achieving its vision, mission, and goals. It defines how you attract and please customers, grow the business, compete, and…
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Entrepreneurs, the Forgotten Engine of Innovation

In academic, government, and media circles it is fashionable to speculate why business fails to innovate. It is trendy to propose government driven solutions. Excluded from these chic conversations is the entrepreneur, the engine of innovation. Buckets of studies conclude we lag on innovation. It is not unfair to suggest that these studies are nothing…
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