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Leaders Do Not Wear Baseball Caps

My father owned and managed a plumbing and heating contracting business in Montreal for forty years. The knowledge of how to operate a successful business was one of the many life skills he gave me. Most importantly, he provided me with a leadership model that has served me well in business. Wear the Attire of…
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Where Can I Find Opportunity?

The 21st Century is one of abundant opportunity driven by a pace of change never experienced in history. It is the Industrial Revolution on steroids. CEOs often ask me “Where is my organization’s future?” Entrepreneurs ask, “Where will I find the Next Big, Big, Big, Thing?” Young people want to know “Which industry will provide…
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Free To Choose by Milton Friedman

I recently reread Friedman’s book “Free to Choose”. I concluded governments in capitalist countries like their communist counterparts have been slow in dismantling socialist practices that grew uncontrollably in the 20th Century. Canada`s Brian Mulroney and Britain`s Thatcher made progress at containing Government growth. Since then Governments have turned on the spigots of statism. Free…
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Stumbling Corporate Stars

In “Why Companies Choose to Fail”, we indicated that the decline and eventual failure of a leading corporation is a long term process that occurs in phases . A company walks down the performance ladder in successive steps. Key indicators signal that a company has become a “stumbling star”.   Key Indicators to Help…
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