Eamon Hoey's Work

Eamon Hoey is a business expert with an unusual unique grasp of what is driving the turbulent environment of the 21st Century. Eamon is a one of a kind visionary. He has the ability to see connections among what appear to be incongruent forces. These insights provide his clients with bridges to long-term growth, sustainability, and corporate longevity.

Outstanding Fortune and FP 500 corporations are struggling to avoid collapse. During the next decade, over half of these companies will succumb to disruptive change driven by technology change, demographics, new knowledge, and globalization. Eamon's unique insights into corporate collapse, supported by detailed research, reveal how companies choose to fail or succeed.

Eamon's introduction to business came early. At the elbow of his Father, Eamon learned the principles of business and practical business lessons. While a teenager, his Father assigned him bookkeeping and payroll responsibilities for his Montreal contracting business. It was during this period that Eamon developed a respect for the importance of minimizing expense and carefully managing cash flow. He learned that the first order of business was to create and retain a customer for without a customer there is no business.

He learned crucial leadership lessons from his Father. Most importantly, he learned from him the importance of thinking differently, the basis of creating distinctive advantage and growth opportunities. It is these fundamental business lessons and his considerable experience as a management consultant that has provided him with a firm foundation to assist his clients strategically navigate the most turbulent period of change in written history.